Neymar defends over-acting

Neymar defends over-acting

In the discussion from the beginning of the World Cup, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar were among three world football superstar. However, Messi and Ronaldo have left the discussion after the departure of the World Cup.

 But Neymar's team is heading for the title with Brazil As a result, Neymar has come up with more discussions. However, he is criticizing more than just contributing to the team's contribution to the 'drama' of the field.

Brazil defeats Mexico by Neymar's ability to enter the World Cup quarter-finals He scored and scored. But in addition to performances as well as discussions about the 'acting' of the injured in the field.

Mexican coach Juan Carlos Osorio said in frustration, 'Neymar has not done any such fatal foul that he has to act so much'.

The incident was about Mexico's Miguel Léon. Neymar's feet begin to tremendously in the ankle and keep the feet in the ankles and guragari khan in the field.

Responding to such a complaint, Neymar said that the foot of my foot was deliberately kept. It should not be in the middle of the game.

He also said that they had said a lot of big things before the match. But now they (Mexico) are going home. Neymar himself scored a goal against Mexico, and also contributed a lot to the other goal.

"It was nothing less than trying to harm me," Neymar said in reference to a spike injury. The whole thing was wrong. The game was not running at that time. We were out of the field. '

However, there is a charge against Neymar for the entire World Cup or to fall asleep.


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