wife beaten diplomat!

wife beaten diplomat!
All discussions are going on in the White House diplomatic group in Segunbagichire. He is renowned as a wife beaten diplomat. In addition to his wife's beatings, many of her crimes have now made her the center of discussion at home and abroad.

 Although the Awami League did not have any connection with this top diplomat in the past, he is now the owner of the original decision in the white house. Outside the job of being accused of torture by the wife, he has been using the victim with the trickery of 'tortured officer in BNP government'. As a result, now he is stronger than the political leadership of the ministry, the transfer-recruiting and decision-making strategy is in all respects.

It is known that the role of fortune control of professional diplomats has been the experience of having a short duration in junior diplomats in Bangladesh, Bangkok, Geneva and London missions in this powerhouse.
In the meantime, the goal was transferred to the London mission. Injured wife torture, financial scandal, various racism. On July 27, 1993, the Foreign Secretary made formal allegations against the unfair treatment of officers employed by the London High Commission.

 Raghavan, daughter of Jahurul Khaled of Dhanmondi residential area, said, "We were married on July 30, 1989. From the night of the wedding, I have been misconduct and misbehaving with me in many ways. After being transferred to London on March 2, 1990, he took me to London.

 There, he continues to suffer even more misconduct and misbehavior. In many ways, mental torture and sometimes physical torture continues. Often threatened to get out of the house. One day he tried to get me out of the house at midnight.

Then my father from Dhaka asked me to reach my relative Abdullah Jubair Chowdhury's house in the United Kingdom living in the United Kingdom. The next day he did not reach Jubair Sahib and went down to the street in front of his house and went away. At that time I was pregnant for five months. '

The allegations made at the Foreign Ministry came after the Department of Women's Affairs (then) and at the Home Ministry and the Prime Minister's Office. The court ordered that action be taken against 'powerful diplomat' due to the fact of the allegations.

 His wife's complaint said, "I wait two weeks at my relative Jubair's house. I contacted him several times on the phone. When he did not take any initiative to bring me back, I told him that I have no other choice but to return to Bangladesh. After that, borrowed the ticket and returned to my father-in-law in Bangladesh. He told her to reach Dhaka on the phone.

 After three months of coming to Dhaka, we have a son. My father told this news to my husband on the telephone. I also tell him all the news.
From now until today, when our child is under 11 months, he has not been able to take my news away, even for a time, he has not searched for his son. "The former wife's complaint also says that on one hand, she tortured me on one side, while buying her car, The cost, the payment of credit card bills, personal debt repayment, and the demand that my father-in-law told me, despite the hardships He has met these needs. In this way, they have collected about one hundred twenty thousand rupees from them. There is a receipt for the money deposited by the London High Commission, which was given twice by the bank account of Dhaka's bank account.

That money was asked to submit my husband, he has evidence. Apart from this, I have given the registration letter to send me about 20 full-length gold jewelry and my other utility items for me and for my child's care, medical expenses. Still, he gave a hint.

 But he did nothing. In the letter, I also gave a list of the things left behind. My gold ornaments were kept in the High Commission locker. The lockers always used to handle them. At first, he admitted in writing that gold ornaments and other things were all right.

But later he denies that I have brought everything that is completely false. It also said that it was totally false to give me 400 pounds of cash when I came. '

In a letter sent to the Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Khaled said, "She is undeniably guilty of female and child torture. The father who does not feel the desire to see his child's face even for a while is the father's scandal. '

 When the victim was raped, the judge of the London mission, within a few days, complained about harassment and passport trade, 160 Bangladeshi expatriates in the UK.

Referring to the names of the officials, in the written complaint filed in six pages, the use of these words has been used in the form of arbitrariness, passport issuance of financial transactions, abetting power, arbitrary, harassment. The Foreign Ministry was forced to conduct a formal investigation into the allegations of passport trade.

As an active proponent of the human rights of immigrants, the well-known official left the country after the expulsion. After a long time, Faridpur returned as a lecturer.

 In a written complaint to the Prime Minister's Office recently, he said, "He established the single domination by formulating power and abuse of power and forming syndicate of several officers."


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