Kuwait TV presenter Amal Al Awadhi fired over the outfit

Kuwait TV presenter Amal Al Awadhi fired over the outfit

Ramadan is in the month of, a television presenter went to work for his indecent clothes. He insulted the Muslims of that country and was fired on the issue during the ceremony.

This happened in Kuwait's official television channel Kuwait TV It is known that he was fired at the time of the broadcast of the show. His clothing controversy has set fire to netizens. Social media has raised controversy.

The presentation was performed by al-Awwadi, although it was covered all over, there were quite niches, it was also seen that the chest split was seen. The debate erupted in this. There was an angry comment on social media after the time of the broadcast.

The debate spread so much that it reached the Kuwaiti Information and Broadcasting Ministry. To stop the debate, the ministry was asked why it was broadcasting TV shows in this type of clothing.

It is known that, at the end of the ceremony, minutes before the end of the program, it was announced that al-Awadhi was truncated from the channel. This was announced at the ceremony. But al-Awadhi has acknowledged this issue. He admitted that he should have been more careful.


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