Found the existence of new planets

Found the existence of new planets
So long as he was travelling safely, his sun was going to be rounded up. Unknown to everyone. However, at the end of sight was discovered by a group of space scientists.

A newly discovered planet has some 600 light years away from Earth. Name given is K2-236b And the star that he orbits the Sun is named after K2-236.

The new planet has been discovered by Indian space scientists. In this work of a team of scientists of 'Physical Research Laboratory' (PRL) of Ahmedabad, India established itself in the list of names where other countries, who have discovered such stars or planets.

According to an all-India news media report, this new planet has been caught in the gravitational Observatory telescope of mount Abu PRL.

According to scientists, the distance between this planet and its sun is much less than the Earth and the Sun. For that reason, the planet's temperature is around 600 degrees Celsius.

Compared to the Earth, new planets take time to circumambulate its sun. Only 19.5 days. However, the existence of life on this planet has not been found, scientists said.


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