College girl raped, the charge sheet against doctor!

College girl raped, the charge sheet against doctor!
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University's sexual and skeleton department doctor said in the case of rape in college in the capital. Police have filed a charge sheet against Riyadh Siddiqui.

 As he is working at Bangabandhu Medical University, the investigating officer of the case sent a report to the head of the institute to take action against him.

On Tuesday, the judges of the 5th Women and Children Repression Tribunal of Dhaka, Begum Shamsunnahar, set the date for the 13th June to take the charge sheet.

Earlier on May 23, Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Fahad Bin Amin Chowdhury submitted a charge sheet in the court. The investigation officer of the case, police inspector of the police and investigation department Rozina Begum said.

 Due to the absence of Dr. The Investigating Officer has requested the arrest warrant for Riyadh.

In the charge sheet, he said that in the overall investigation, evidence, MC review, circumstance of incident and considering the environment, Dr. The charges against Riyaz have been proved.

 Besides, there is evidence of rape of college girl in medical report. However, he did not get the evidence of forced rape.

It is learned from the case of the case that Bhola, the victim's house, On October 6 last, the 12th grade student When Riyad Siddiqui was taken to the hospital, the doctor nabbed him with a sensitive area and put ointment on his body.

 At that time, when the student obstructed, the doctor told him to discipline him and not to tell anyone.

 She did not tell anyone about the fear of manlazja. Later on, the doctor initially unclaimed the ointment. Then rape.

The doctor threatened the girl, saying that the video was kept in the scene, and that the video will be released to anyone on the internet. As a result, the girl did not tell anyone.

The next girl said that the medical board will be set up for medical treatment due to the disease. Riyadh Siddiqui

On December 31, Kamal Hossain appeared at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University with the girl.

When the doctor told the girl to wait for the family to rape her in a lonely room on the fourth floor of the University's B-Block, the girl cried and shouted.

At that time, the doctor threatened to drop him and fled forcibly rape again.

In this incident, the father of the victim Kamal Hossain filed a suit in the Shahbagh police station under the section 9 (1) of the Women and Children Repression Prevention Act 2000 (Amendment - 2003).


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