Robbery shot dead by the police in the fire!

Robbery shot dead by the police in the fire!
A group of robbers named Sohag (35) of police fired bullets during the preparation of robbery in moving bus in Ashulia.

 This incident happened on Monday night in Maragang area of Ashulia.

Later, rescued in Sohag, the local women and children were admitted to the hospital.

Ashulia Police Station Officer-in-Charge Abdul Awal told that a gang robbery attempted to rob a moving bus in Maragang area of Ashulia on Monday night. At that time the police personnel of the patrol got to know the matter.

Later the robbers also fired in front of the police presence. When a team member of the robber was shot to death, he was arrested and sent to Ashulia's mother and child hospital for self-defence.

But the rest of the robbery members escaped from the spot with a pickup van.

The OC said preparations are underway to file a case with the Ashulia police station.


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