Google will not give Android services to Huawei devices

The United States of America has hit new Chinese Huawei technology From now on, Huawei's Android operating system will not offer an updated version of some of the services of Google Tech Giant Google.

The new Huawei smartphone will have Google apps like Google and Google Maps. This information was given in a BBC Online report.

Recently, Huawei has listed the United States in a com

The project costing Tk 150 million for the protection of the river and the coast

147.55 million 99 thousand Taka project has been approved for the conservation of the banks of the Surakarta river of Nilphamari district and the bank of the river Buritita.

On Tuesday (April 30th) the approval of this project was approved by the Executive Committee of the 7th National Economic Council (ECNEC).

The Bangladesh Water Development Board (BAPAUBO) will implement this p

NRBC Bank gave a racing bike to Arafat

The first Bangladeshi to participate in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii, USA, gave especially a racing bicycle at a cost of Tk 6.5 million to NRBC Bank.

The information was made on Saturday (April 27th) by the bank.

Recently, the bank's Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Khandaker Rashed Maksud handed over the bicycle to Arafat under the Social Accountability P

Amazon cannot survive in China

Amazon has not been able to survive in any way. Amazon has already indicated the need to trade from China. The final decision was taken by the company. This e-commerce site is no longer in the country. Amazon is shutting down the e-commerce marketplace business from July 18.

But the company will continue its business in that country. Businesses like Amazon Web Service, Kindle eBook, and

Grameenphone has increased revenue and subscriber numbers

Grameenphone has earned revenue of Rs 3490 crore in the first quarter of January (January-March). Revenue growth was 11.6 percent compared to the same period last year. Grameenphone subscriber base increased by 9.8 percent in the first quarter.

In January-March, 13 million subscribers joined the Grameenphone network, which is 1.8 percent more than the last three months of October 2012 (O

The engineering sector showed great potential through the drought

Trading has passed another week through drought shares. However, some of the companies in the engineering sector have shown signs of trading drought. The engineering sector continued to dominate the trade for two consecutive weeks.

Basically, the average turnover of the main stock exchange Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), last week, was largely due to the engineering sector companies. Even th

City Bank will offer shares with cash as dividends

The board of directors of the City Bank has decided to give 11 percent dividend to shareholders. It has 6 percent cash and 5 percent bonus shares.

 That is, the shareholders of the company will receive 60 paisa and 5 general shares as dividends against 100 shares.

The Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) on Thursday said it has decided to give dividends after reviewing the financial re

Shareholders of Evince Textile increased by 1 paisa

In the third quarter of the current year (January-March, 2019), the share profit of the Evince textiles limited listed in the stock market (EPS) has increased by one paisa compared to the previous year.

Profits in the third quarter increased, however, the profits of the company declined 9 months (July 2012 to March 2018). Share profit fell 10 paisa compared to the previous year.

Ilish is sold at a price as it wants

Bangla's universal festival of Bangalee is burning in the middle of the first festival of Pahela Boishakh There was a time in the first Boishakh that morning, eating haldi fry with panta rice. However, since the year 2017, this style is the somewhat lesser name.

Even then, the trend of rising hailstorm-centric Ilish did not stop. In comparison to the last two years, the price of the firs

Singer Bangladesh is at the top of losing interest

Singer Bangladesh Limited has occupied the top position in the list of investors' interest in the stock market last week. The price of the company declined due to lack of interest in the company's shares. The share price has fallen to a great extent.

Meanwhile, the company has a significant number of share transactions over the week. In the four working days of the week, the company's sh

Certificate of National Housing Authority

Tepantor Housing Company Ltd., one of the real estate companies of Bangladesh, has obtained the registration certificate by the National Housing Authority on 27/12/2012.

This certificate is given for the next 5 years in the signing of the chairman of the National Housing Authority. Certificate No (88).

Through these certificates, Tepantor Housing Company Ltd has gone one step

Dutch-Bangla Bank will remain closed for 5 days

Dutch-Bangla Bank ATM, POS and Agent Banking services for technical development will be closed for five days. The information was given in a press release of the bank.

It has been said that for the upgradation of the Dutch-Bangla Bank system, all the activities of POS and Agent Banking including the branch, ATM booths, ATM booths will remain closed from March 12 (Thursday) to 12.11


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