China will not be able to become a world power:Trump

US President Donald Trump expressed satisfaction over the US trade war with China, Trump said that as long as he is there, China will not be able to become a world power.

Recently, hostile relations between the two countries are prevailing. News purse today

In an interview with Fox News on Monday, Trump said that China wants to accept the US position as the world's superpower. But

Iran will be destroyed if war with the United States

US President Donald Trump warns that Iran will be destroyed if war with America. In a tweet message on Sunday, Trump said that if Iran wants to fight, it will be a formal end to them. At the same time, he said, never again will Iran threaten the United States.

The US has deployed additional warships and warships in the Gulf region a few days ago.
A few days ago, US Secretary of Stat

The terrible explosion in Israel's military base, massive damage

Explosions in Israel's military base have been severely damaged. The explosion took place on Friday (May 17th) in the center of the country's Hasmera military base. However, no one was injured in the blast incident.

International media reported that a blast occurred suddenly in the medical turnout of the Israeli military base. After the fire spread rapidly around the fort, the base was s

The woman accused of killing a pregnant teen and taking her unborn baby

Three presumes accused of killing a pregnant lady and expelling her infant from her belly will stay in prison after a judge requested they be held without bond Friday.

Leaving the court, tears spilled down the essences of Marlen Ochoa-Lopez' mother and father as their family heard in detail the last snapshots of their pregnant little girl's life.

The three litigants - Clarisa Fig

Increasing tensions, preparations for the attack are going on

Tensions rise in the controversial South China Sea Recently, China has increased military equipment in the area. China has increased the number of military brigades deployed in the sea for the attack in Taiwan, rising from two to six

According to a US military intelligence report, the news was published in several international media. The United States Military Intelligence Agency (DIA)

Trump declares emergency over threats against American technology

President Donald Trump announced the state of emergency in the United States to protect the computer network from 'foreign opponent'.

The BBC has said it has signed an executive order. Which will be effective for US companies who use foreign telecoms.

In a statement issued by the White House, the purpose of the trump is to protect the United States from "foreign opponents".

Curfew in Sri Lanka beaten young Muslim dead

Countrywide night curfew was imposed in Sri Lanka for the second day, due to the rise in anti-Muslim violence. Just a few weeks ago, in the celebration of Easter Sunday in the country, there were a series of bomb attacks on eight sites, including several churches and elite hotels.

More than 250 people were killed in the attack. There is tension in the country since the attack. Meanwhile,

1 Killed In Sri Lanka Anti-Muslim Riots Despite Curfew

Countrywide night curfew was imposed in Sri Lanka due to a rise in anti-Muslim violence. In some places, Muslim businesses and mosques have been targeted. According to local police, one person has died in violence so far. News BBC

Police fired tear gas and blank bullets to disperse the rioters in different cities of Sri Lanka. Just a few weeks ago, more than 250 people were killed in a s

Jinwar, a women-only village

In order to find a new life, many women have created a new address, named Zinawar. In Kurdish, it means 'place for girls'.

Two years ago, Kurdish women created this village in north-east Syria. Women in this village are unmarried Children too There is no bar on religion, caste, and political opinion.

Many women are taking shelter in the village, because of extreme family, family c

IAF gets its first Apache AH 64e Guardian attack helicopter

India is becoming more fearsome in military power The country has got the latest American attack helicopter Apache AH 64e. In September 2015, India signed a deal to purchase 22 Apache helicopters with Boeing. Boeing handed over one of India's Saturn to India on Saturday.

It's the world's most multi-roll Combat helicopter. The helicopter, also known as the Apache Guardian The most aggress

AC-Fan for 'Save the gods' from the heat

India's Uttar Pradesh is burning with severe intensity. The temperature in the province reached nearly 40. Moreover, the political heat of the Lok Sabha elections is going on in the country. The priests of the province have arranged an AC-fan for the gods in the temple, due to the heat in the summer.
The incident happened in the Kanpur town of Uttar Pradesh, due to the heat of the gods. Ho

During the Tarabi prayers in London mosque shot

During the Tarabi prayers in a mosque in London, there was a firing incident. However, no casualties were reported in this.

On Thursday, at 10:45 pm local time, a masked man shot dead in Seven King's Mosque in the Bangladeshi-dominated area of ​​Elphon. News of The Sun.

At that time, Tarabi prayers were going on in the mosque. When some brave Muslims came forward to resist the


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