The court will take action if Rasel does not pay anything between 3 pm: High Court

The High Court will take action against the Green Line Transport Authority, despite not paying any money to the Russell shorker losing the legs under the bus. The order was given on Wednesday.

Earlier, the High Court directed the Green Line Transport Authority to give Russell government five million to lose the foot.

Today is Holy Shabir Meraaj

Today on Wednesday (April 3rd, 26th Rajab) will be celebrated holy Shabar Meraaj all over the country. In the proper religious dignity and sentiment environment, religious Muslims of Bangladesh like the Muslim world will also perform sacred Shabir Meraaj through Quranic, Nafl Salat, Zikir, Waj Mahil, Prayer and Special Prayer.

The initiative of the Islamic Foundation on the occasion

LAHP has released 550 prisoners

Human rights organization Legal Assistance to Helppellers Prisoners and Persons (LAHP) is providing legal services since 2009.

The organization's chairman Advocate Toufika Karim told about the release of 558 helpless prisoners on bail from March 28 last year.

He told reporters at a press conference in his office located in the capital's Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue on Thursday (March

Inside Brazil's Twin Land Canado Godo 

Canado Godo is a remote village located in southern Brazil. The village of seven thousand inhabitants is like eight to ten villages, but for one reason it is different from everyone. That is the birth rate of twins baby is incredibly high.

In Brazil, this village rate is 10 times higher than the national average of twins birth. But no one knows why this twin baby is born in this village.

Annual Mahfil of Rahmate Alam Islam Mission

Presented as the chief guest, Mr Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal was present as the chief guest. In the mahfil, Grand Mufti Allama Yusuf Toulawi of Deoband Madrasa was present as special guest.

DG of Islamic Foundation, Vice Chancellor of Islamic University, HM Ershad, Chairman of Teepant Group Ullah Chowdhury,

A speech and national liberation certificate

After listening to the words on 7th March, a vibration awakened inside the mind. A trance, a hoarse and a pessimism. The pain of losing many loved ones falls.

People think of a day's speech in the struggle of independence, and in the struggle of independence, to liberate the country. After the British rule, the regime of Pakistan started again.

Then the people took it and did not

The final result of the 39th Special BCS in April

The final results of the 39th Special Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) Health Cadre will be published in April. According to the sources of the Public Works Commission (PSC), the work has already started to produce final fruit.

Confirming the matter, PSC chairman Mohammad Sadiq said on Monday, 'The final batch of oral tests will end on March 7. The work of making final fruit h

The results of JSC-PEC can be known as

The results of JSC and JDC examinations will be announced today (Monday).

In the closing examination of the fifth and eighth grade, about 58 lakh students took part in the examination. The results of their waiting are ended by publishing this result.

In this year, 30 lakh 95 thousand and 123 students took part in the examination in the Elementary Education Convention (PEC) and I

UK Woman's Botox party warning after lip filler swelling(Video)

 A 29-year-elderly person as of late took to internet-based life to feature the threats of getting casually managed facial infusions at a 'Botox party'.

She enabled a companion to infuse Botox into her lips however the technique turned out badly when her lips wound up swelling a few sizes.

Rachael Knappier was going to a Botox party in Leicester and had just consented to a fil

PEC Exam 2018 Starts Today

The start of Primary Education Completion (PEC) and equivalent Ebtedayee examinations.

Today begins on Sunday (18th November) at 10am. The tests 10 am run till 1pm. Examinations are being conducted in both primary and Ebtedayee today.

In the primary, 27 lakhs 77 thousand 270 students and students of Ibtadei 3 lakh 17 thousand 853 people have to take part in the examination. Mor

Rich Guy proposes by buying his lover a Lamborghini(video )

Recommendations are getting more absurd nowadays and as of late, a rich man from Changsha, Hunan region arranged a somewhat intricate proposition with the goal that he could wed his woman love.

He intended to pop the inquiry outside Wanda Plaza shopping complex on Saturday (October 20).

On that day, around 3 pm, the man headed to the square outside the shopping complex in an orang

Scottish Prison guard Kristi Davidson quits and goes on holiday with the former inmate

A Scottish former PRISON Kristi Davidson guard who quit her job may have started a relationship with a newly freed lag when she worked at his nick.

A source uncovered the combine was spotted by another protect in Turkey only weeks subsequent to Bunting was let out of secretly run Addiewell imprison in West Lothian.

The match transparently shared pictures of themselves appreciati


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