Help protect my world!

Help protect my world!
There will be many lies and false statements, but only one woman, one mother and one person as a man - should not be wrong with my children.

 My kids do not grow up in isolated families The result is never good. I have wrong. There is also Khorshed Alam.

So, divorced Alam with the children, can not do much wrong with us. The threat has been filed against me for defamation.

Will talk to my husband. My family will break and I will abide by it, do not you?

Khorshed Alam married me after knowing everything. After seven years, it will not be acceptable to me that will blame me. Before all, I have a mother.

 Khorshed Alam is a father, it should not be forgotten by us. There is no blame for the kids. Their mother also needs parents.

They are already sick. So pray that all my children can be healthy. Oh, father and father can get both together.

Being a teacher, Alam does not have any such wrongdoing with any of us. The woman herself should pay attention to the family. Do not threaten me in the opposite direction.

Above all is Allah. Everything is beautiful This is my intention not to do anything wrong with my kids, that is my intention.

Alam should be honestly withdrawn from everything without doing wrong. Protect the family from Nis. This is what I want from a teacher. Journalists, brothers and sisters, you will not be wrong.

 Please tell me what I have said here. Collaborate with protecting my family. I still want to say that I and my kids have been wronged. This nation should not support wrongdoing.

I want the help of our Honorable Prime Minister because she is also a woman. She is a mother. He does not want to be wrong with a mother and her children. Everyone will pray for us.

(Collected from Srabanti Facebook)


৭ ই মার্চ কথাটি শুনলেই মনের ভিতর জেগে উঠে একটি স্পন্দন। একটি বাজনা, একটি হুঙ্কার ও মুক্তির দমামা।মনে পড়ে যায় অসংখ্য প্রিয়জন হারানোর বেদনা ।

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