Russia has made a terrible missile than

Russia has made a terrible missile than "Satan"!
Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that his country is ahead of a few years or decades ahead of competing nations in the new weapons manufacturing industry.

On Thursday at the local time, he made a comment on the gathering of a group graduate passed from Russia's military academies.

Putin said modern weapons have increased Russian military capability several times. Some of our weapons systems are ahead of the rival countries for several years or decades.

The Russian president described his country's Avangard hypersonic missile as an example that runs twenty times faster than words.

Putin said that this missile could change the direction and height of the air while running towards the target so that any missile defense is beyond the extreme defense or air defense system.

The Russian president also mentioned a new intercontinental missile in his country, capable of carrying more than ten nuclear weapons, and a 220-tonne missile could hit anywhere in the world.

 The 'Sarmat' missile, the Soviet-era missile, is more powerful than the 'Voivoda' intercontinental ballistic missile. Voivoda was considered the world's most powerful intercontinental missile, and in the West, it is called 'satan' or satan.

Putin spoke at the time when Russia's rival the United States recently expressed concern that NATO alliance might not be able to advance rapidly like Russia but could be trapped in traffic jams if possible conflict with Russia.

US President Trump and Russian President Putin will hold talks on Helsinki, the capital of Finland on July 16.


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