Argentina-France's tough fight!

Argentina-France's tough fight!
Nigeria's first 14 minutes in the match! What is the magic of the Argentines? Messi was not able to find the super eagles of Africa. The Argentines must give gifts to wrestling football to defeat France in the knockout match.

French fans 'hot favorites'! From Goalkeeper to Strikers - 11 are the big stars. They represent the best club in Europe. Young at age. And there is no barrier against the power of this youth.

However, the opposition team is the Argentine Argentina, which is the fear Sometimes a footballer like Messi is enough to lead a team. This is the true football party game forever! But the team's best start is in form, the rest of the ten also get excited.

How Being a Roho, Machchareno and all of Argentina woke up in a match against Nigeria, Argentina Manchester United's midfielder Paul Pogba and Atletico Madrid winger Anthony Greizman, two of the finest players of the star, This pair will lead Argentina to break the defense. However, keep them under strict maskarano-rohora.

Although Mascara got the penalty for the Nigerian However, the former captain of the Argentine team showed his ability to compete. His blood was bleeding in his cheek, yet one point was not given to the opponent.

 The French will also have to remain steel-styled against protectors. Argentine players have been warned against the French against the French opponents in the group stage.

 There is great news for the Latin team: Lionel Messi has not only played the magic in the last match but also has a strong role in the leadership. The teammates have been very encouraged.
If Messi is successful in the double role in the knockout stage, then it is only a matter of time for the Quebec finals to Albacilestos!
Argentina has a strange history, they do not lose the match that they can initially bowl in the opponent's net in the World Cup. This trend has continued since the last 60 years. After the first goal of Albacilestora, he lost the last time in 1958, against Germany.

He went on to lose 1-3 after Argentina's first defeat. After that, they did not lose after the first goal in 40 matches of the World Cup. Before the match against Nigeria, Diego Maradona wanted Argentina to score as fast as possible. That was what Argentina did.

 Lionel Messi has scored goals Ivar banyarara flying first with the right leg of the Thai. The ball takes place with the boot head before touching the field. Then he defeated the Nigerian goalkeeper on the right foot on the placing shot.

 Critics say that Messi does not have the power on the right leg. Of course, after this goal, their mouths will be closed. The goal was the 100th goal of the World Cup. At this goal, the football wizard achieved unique achievement in the three World Cup goals.

 Among Argentine footballers, the only achievement was Maradona (1982, '86 and '94) and Batistuta ('94, '98 and 2002). Following the history, if Messi gets the first goal against France, then the quarter-finals can be confirmed.

 But that's right, if the French can not put pressure on the first ball, Messi will be able to turn the clock off. Because this is a very dangerous group in France. However, in the group stage, they could not perform their best performance. Even after the group champions, the next round confirmed.

So Argentina is facing a difficult test. But it is true that if France plays against the Super Eagles in the first 14 minutes against France in the 90th minute, it will be impossible for France to stop Argentina.


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