US Press Allies to stop importing Iranian oil

US Press Allies to stop importing Iranian oil!
Iran-United States relations are gradually becoming hot on the nuclear issue It's going to be a battle of war and counter threat.
By the time the United States wants that all countries, including India and China, will be able to bring oil imports from Iran into the 'zero' room between November 4 and November.

On Tuesday, a senior State Department official said that after the US sanctions against Iran on November 4, it will not be given any rebate if it violates any country.

 At that time, the official further said that they had already sent the message to their allies in Europe and Asia.

Besides, some US officials will talk to India, China, and other countries in the next few weeks to talk about the issue.

"This ban applies to India and China, like other countries," he said. We must urge them to bring down the oil imports without question. "

It is to be noted that China and India, the largest importers of Iranian oil, After Saudi Arabia and Iraq, Iran exports the most oil in India.


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