Messi Come back like this ...

Messi Come back like this ...
In the first match against Iceland, they showed two flicks, but could not have become Messi. In the second match, Messi did not have a foothold in football against Croatia.

 In the last two matches, the runners-up of the last World Cup, without a win-win, was shocked by the World Cup. And all the achievements of Messi was on the way to Dhaka.

 Within a few minutes, history would give him the title of one of the most tragic heroes of all time. The Argentines wanted to quickly forget the history of the World Cup in Russia. But he completed the circle. Messi used to understand from the doorstep of destruction, that is how it can be returned.

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Lionel Messi World Cup


Messi became the first player to win the title. The camera is lighting his face on the face. Running around and trying to hold emotional chart.

But how far is understood from outside? How much of it can be understood is the expression of embarrassment manifested in this expression. Messi means personal scholars dispersion.

He is not a good leader. Even after the worst defeat against Croatia match, Maradona himself said that the child is not the leader.

 Cristiano Ronaldo is the leader in the opposite world. Doing hat-trick. Winning the team. Moving towards the gold boot

Messi's world is going to give the world the world's dreary world. But football fans know that he loves to play in leadership. Just do not wait for passes to stand in the glance.

 Rather, a lot went down and scored the game. That Messi could not become the true leader for any reason in the last two matches.
But in the third match, he explained, he is the leader. Just got to understand the mistake. Later said, there can be nothing more than the jersey of the country.

On this day Messi explained to countless supporters, there is a way to return to the edge of the bracket. There is nothing that is impossible in this world that is nothing but magic.


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