If you do not take bath in the rules of death!

If you do not take bath in the rules of death!
Twenty million people around the world are infected with brain strokes every year. According to multiple research and statistical reports in the world, the incidence of death or paralysis in stroke during the jungle is increasing day by day.

Doctors say that there are several things we need to keep in mind during bathing. Because if you do not take a bath in accordance with the proper rules, then death can happen.

Let us know about the exact rules of this section, let us know from today's report-

At the time of bathing, it should not be too much to scrub head and hair. Because blood circulation in the human body is at a certain temperature. It takes a bit of time to adjust the body temperature to the outside temperature.

According to the doctors, if the first pours water on the head, the blood circulation speed increases very quickly. Increases the risk of stroke

Moreover, the brain's arteries may be ruptured due to excessive blood pressure. As a result, the risk of death or paralysis is created.

At first, the feet should be slowly rolled up towards shoulders. Then it should be water on the head after gently soak the face.


৭ ই মার্চ কথাটি শুনলেই মনের ভিতর জেগে উঠে একটি স্পন্দন। একটি বাজনা, একটি হুঙ্কার ও মুক্তির দমামা।মনে পড়ে যায় অসংখ্য প্রিয়জন হারানোর বেদনা ।

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