Irrfan Khan Open Letter On Fighting A Rare Cancer

Irrfan Khan Open Letter On Fighting A Rare Cancer

After tweeting about three months later, actor Irfan Khan informed about his fight with cancer. His treatment is going on in London.

 And he wrote an expressive letter from the hospital and told everyone about his current situation.

Irfan writes in this letter, "I have a balcony in the hospital room where I am admitted. With which I look at the outside pages of the Rose. My hospital on one side of the road

 Coma Ward is right next to my house. Lords Stadium on the other hand ... there is Vivian Richards' laughing poster. ... the first time I understand what the meaning of independence is.

After I got sick, many people are praying for me. Many of them do not know me. But everyone's prayer - through life through my spinal cord and reaching the brain. I feel very close to life. "

In context, Irrfan Khan, where everyone is worried about his close friend, there is recently told that the director Sujit Sarkar showed the path of light.

 The director said that Irfan was responding to treatment. He also gave a double dose of happiness to the director.


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