Another deadly game 'Deodorant Challenge'!

Another deadly game 'Deodorant Challenge'!

The death of the 'Blue Whale' created by Philippe Büdkin, a resident of Russia, did not end in the horror of another game 'Deodorant Challenge'.

According to international media sources, the recent death of the Internet-based death game A few months ago, a woman named Brampton resident Jamie Precinct posted a post on Facebook about it.

A deodorant challenge is to deodorant spray over the skin for a long time. The youth who participated in the challenge could spray deodorant on their skin for a long time, in the competition.

But due to long-sprayed spray, the skin becomes scarred. The wound, which is used to change the skin to heal the new skin, many times.

Most people do not know about this danger. But there is still no news of spreading the game in Asia so far.


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