'Sanju' leaked controversy in the open toilet case!

'Sanju' leaked controversy in the open toilet case!
Sanjay Dutt's biopic 'Sanju' and did not get any relief from the law. After getting all the approvals from the CBFC, there was an allegation against the film for a scene used in the film.

There are pictures of a toilet leak in the photo trailer. It turns out - Shipwreck pipe bursts of cigarette and waste materials spread in jail. According to a news agency ANI report, the problem was created around this scene.

Social worker Prithi Masak wrote in a letter, the government and the authorities looked after the jails adequately. We have never heard of such events. Many films have been shown in jail before, but such scenes are not seen.

His claim, this scenario will create a bad impression about the prison authorities of India. He sent this letter to the CBDFC.

Prithi said that if the CBFC does not take action against this scene, then the court will file a petition for the postponement.

In fact, Sanjay Dutt was involved in the Mumbai blasts in 1993, Sanjubaba was in the 18 months at that time. That is the picture that was filmed in the film. - Abella


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