Smartphone Internet is the way to reduce the cost!

Smartphone Internet is the way to reduce the cost!
Using different ways to reduce the cost of the smartphone internet. Here are a few ways to discuss:

Data Resistance: Many people do not know that while using the smartphone, but data is kept on, your data is still being spent! Yes okay so

Most of your Android phones use background data to keep apps and services active. Such as WhatsApp, Vibo, Play Store, Google Apps, Messenger etc. These apps keep cutting data on your account due to your other work.

To avoid this, go to your settings option and then use Data> then wait for the Restricted background data option. Your notification bar will show an exclamation mark. This means that apps and the background can not steal data.

Just keep the necessary apps running: Since using the smartphone, you must use one or more Internet-based messaging apps.

 Meanwhile, there may be an app that needs to be turned on all the time. If background data is closed, all apps will be locked together in the background.

To avoid this problem, you can go to Settings> Data Usage and see all the apps. You can also see how much data an app is spending. Now take a moment to click on the apps and enter the inside and restart the rest except for the apps you need to keep on.

Using the Data Savings App: There are some apps that allow you to browse through a lot of data costs. There are Data Savings Moods such as Opera Mini, Opera New, UC Browser.
Using this mood you can save up to 80 per cent of the browsing cost. For the instant messaging, select the right app. For voice calls, data usage in WhatsApp is very low. So make the right decision.

Using the Security App: You can reduce the cost of data using various security apps. With these apps, you can know which apps are stealing your data.

They can not use data without your permissions in the settings. There are various apps in the PlayStore: CM Security, 360 Security etc. Apart from data protection by these apps, viruses will be protected from hacking.

Data settings: There are settings to use the Internet on your phone, which are important to use. For example, your smartphone can be used as a WiFi hotspot.

 Some WiFi-based apps, such as when you use a stock brick, automatically turn hotspot on several occasions automatically.

This allows you to access your data without knowing anyone else. Even your smartphone could be hacked using WiFi network. Check everything in that case. Use the hotspot password. And if you do not need it, then keep your data connection off after the use.


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