Smartphone flower charge in just 10 minutes!

Smartphone flower charge in just 10 minutes!
In this era of information technology excellence, it is difficult to carry the phone, especially without a smartphone. As a result, people are now completely dependent on mobile technology in all types of communication areas.

So, everybody wants to own a smartphone that is charged. However, if the smartphone has an internet connection, it is normal to run its charge faster.

In many cases, mobile charges are running faster. Studies have been going on for long to overcome the problem. Some have also got success in inventing lasting battery technology.

 And by utilizing this technology, the smartphone makers are making lasting batteries.

Chinese tech giant Huawei also achieved success in this case. Recently, in a technology conference in Japan, the company showed two samples of new technology lithium-ion batteries.

They claim that the charge of this battery will take only 10 minutes to charge! The new smart battery will cost a special kind of charger. Huawei has created such a special charger.

The authorities said that it will take only 5 minutes to charge 48 per cent of the battery of 3000mApia battery. This battery is capable of holding up to 10 hours of charge.

And the battery charger less than 600-millimetre ampere battery will take less time. They claim that such a battery will be charged at 68 per cent for just 2 minutes. Where only 2 per cent of the normal battery takes more than 2 minutes to charge.

Along with fast charge, Huawei's lithium-ion battery will remain intact. But it is not known when the battery can be found in the market.


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