How to keep youth after age 30?

How to keep youth after age 30?
If you are 30 years old, you can do it-that's the advice of small screen advertisements. Who will listen and throw the car, understand the liability?

He started using various types of anti-ageing cream, hair sterilizing oil, non-folding lotion. What is the result? Twelve o'clock more than not able to bear a single chemical skin.

Then the way? Who really does not want to keep youth! And there are some simple ways to do it.

It is not very difficult to keep at least a young person as an adult in the advertising market. Quickly know how to take care of yourself.

Try to avoid the sunshine
Sun damage to the skin Especially those who have tan problems with little sunshine, try to avoid sunlight as much as possible. Ultraviolet rays of the sun have an age-old impression on the skin.

So use SPF 30 sunscreen if you get out of the sun. Use the umbrella or hats or spades to stay away from sunlight.

Is your skin extremely dry, rough? In that case, folding the skin is more noticeable. Try keeping the skin moist, using honey packs made from honey, yoghurt etc. Using a moisturizer after the bath, you will get better results.

Stay healthy from inside
Skin sheen increases only when you are healthy inside. It is very important to keep the stomach clean. If you want to increase the brightness of skin, drink three to four litres of water daily. It does not have dehydration in the body. Also eat foods that contain Vitamin E. The skin playing on the regular almonds is beautiful.

Beauty Slip
Many people laugh about the beauty slip. But believe it's a lot of benefits. In this, the hormones are produced in the body's corpuscular cells and it is good. Also, do not fall ink under the eyes inadequate sleep.

If you think it is good to take care of the skin, it will not be an age-appropriate impression, then you are wrong. First of all, keep the body healthy. Take time out of various activities for exercise or yoga.

 Many people are not able to work-out at the gym. There is no need. Exercise rules at home. The skin of the skin itself can feel.


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