Chinese man shoves giant eggplant up his anus to treat constipation

Chinese man shoves giant eggplant up his anus to treat constipation

Many people suffer from constipation pain every year. Their toilets are not cleaned after spending hours in the toilet. For a long time, a young man from China was suffering from such problems.

 He was very uneasy about the issue. So I thought - Relaxed to get into the lengthy, smooth some knees. But the opposite is the opposite.

It is known that the person in China has to get a purple purse from the hands of constipation. In this, it is not far from Mukticha Mela from constipation, it is formed inside the intestine.

 As a result, he was forced to go to the hospital after being taken to the hospital. Scanned there, the stomach is stuck in a special corner of the stomach.

For two days, he is suffering from stomach pain, vomiting several times. At the end of the surgery, the purple is to find out.

Doctors said, more than once the stomach hit the person in the lungs. Then there could be other dangers.

The person is now known to be free of danger. However, nothing is known about whether or not her constipation has been removed.

China's social network 'Weibo' is now a viral phenomenon.


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