If the husband and wife have one blood group

If the husband and wife have one blood group

What is the problem of one's husband's blood group? Many of them have an unknown question. They also worry about unnecessary anxiety. But according to doctors, "there is no problem."

36 percent "and" group all over the world, 28 per cent "A" group, 20 percent "b" group. But about 46 percent of blood group "B" in Asia In Asia, the negative blood group is 5 percent, in Europe, about 15 percent in Europe.

Where in the subcontinent lion's blood group 'B' It is normal to have blood and wife's blood group there. There is no problem with this.

But if the wife has a negative blood group and her husband has a positive group then there is a problem. Whom I called Rh Isoimmunization. There is also a simple treatment or vaccine.

Many people have a false idea - the father's blood group is one of the children's thalassemia. This is also a complete misconception. Because the thalassemia disease is from chromosomal atonalism.


৭ ই মার্চ কথাটি শুনলেই মনের ভিতর জেগে উঠে একটি স্পন্দন। একটি বাজনা, একটি হুঙ্কার ও মুক্তির দমামা।মনে পড়ে যায় অসংখ্য প্রিয়জন হারানোর বেদনা ।

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