health benefits of Karela

health benefits of Karela

Karela is a type of fruit vegetable. The juice of allergic resistance is very beneficial. It is also good for diabetic patients.

 It is possible to control blood sugar regularly by playing Karela juice every day. In addition to a lot of beta-carotene in Karla, it has many qualities. Now know, the more nutrients and benefits of Karla-

There is also twice as much beta-carotene than broccoli. Beta-carotene is beneficial to keep eyesight and eye problems. There is a lot of iron in Karla.

Iron helps to make haemoglobin. There is twice the amount of calcium in pulp and Karela in potassium Karla. Calcium is important for keeping teeth and bones good.

Potassium is needed to maintain blood pressure and to keep the heart healthy.
Carbohydrates contain enough vitamin C. Vitamin C is very important for skin and hair.

Vitamin C produces proteins and iron in our body and builds resistance to viruses and bacteria. Fibre-rich intake reduces constipation problems. Karla contains Vitamin B complex, Magnesium, Folic Acid, Zinc, Phosphorus, Magnesium.

Helps cure diseases. Keep diabetes in patient's diet. Carpal tunnel is polypeptide P, which helps to control blood and urine sugar levels.
 You can eat Karela juice and curry with doctor's advice. It is useful to troubleshoot various types of the blood disorder such as scabies, ring work. Blood helps in purification. Helps in preventing skin diseases and infections.

Benefits of Carrot Leaf Rice
The juice of the juice is very beneficial. Builds immunity, protects against various types of infections. Increased energy and stamina helps the juice of the juice.

 If a lever is out of the habit of alcohol consumption, it will give troubles to the problem of lemon juice. Blood disorders can be mixed with lemon juice and lemon juice mixed with juice.

 You can eat honey mixed with curry leaves. Bits of help reduce asthma, bronchitis, and freeness. Through it, it is possible to prevent psoriasis problems, fungal infections.


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