443 arrested in anti-drug operations in Munshiganj

443 arrested in anti-drug operations in Munshiganj
As part of anti-narcotics campaign, police arrested 443 people in 12 days in Munshiganj and sent them to jail. They were arrested on May 18 (Friday) to 30 May (Wednesday).

A day before the expedition (May 17), the district superintendent of police Mohammad Zayedul Alam announced the prisons war against the drug at the Open House Day meeting of the PPM Sadar Thana Compound.

Then begins the anti-narcotic anti-drug campaign. In addition to drug and other criminal cases, the absconding accused in different cases were also detained by police.

At the same time, 71 prisoners were sentenced to jail in jail under the leadership of the mobile court. Two dozen cases adjacent to the accused Police rescued Sumon Biswas, a drug dealer named Kanto Sumon.

 Police claimed that he was shot and killed in a gunfight between two groups of drug dealers.

Police Super Mohammad Mohammad Zayedul Alam on the charge of drug-related offensive, terrorism, and anti-militancy, said that the police is determined to free the country from drug, terrorism, and militancy.
Munshiganj district has no place for drug dealers or appraisers or their network. There will be no discount for anyone involved in the drug.
In continuation of this, the campaign was started simultaneously in 6 police stations of the district and in the 12 days a total of 443 people were arrested and sent to jail.

He further said that the operation will continue till the district is released free of drug. In this war, local people joined the police.

They again helped the police to return to the anti-drug war like that 71. So Munshiganj started getting rid of drugs, terrorism, and militancy. We hope to achieve 100 percent success soon.

According to the police station sources, 63 people were arrested in the 12 days of the ongoing operation in Gazaria Police Station. Of these, 48 people are warrant in Tamil, 7 courts have been sent to different jail terms with the help of mobile courts, and eight have been sent to jail in seven cases of the drug.

Sadar thana police arrested 86 people and sent them to jail. Among them, three were arrested as a thief, robbers 1, 20 in Warrant, Tamil, 7 sentenced to jail for different periods with a mobile court, 56 detainees in 40 cases of drug and sent to jail.

Sirajdikhan Police Police arrested a total of 59 people and sent them to jail. Of them, 28 were sent to jail in custody, 21 were sentenced to 21 months with the help of a mobile court and 10 in the 9 drug cases.

Tongibari thana police arrested 110 people and sent them to jail. Of them 55 prisoners were sent to Warrant in Tamil, 10 commuters were sentenced with mobile courts and 45 were sent to jail in 35 drug cases.

Police detained 63 people from Lauhajang Police Station and sent them to jail. Of them 28 detained in Warrant, 28 prisoners were sentenced to 13 months with the help of a mobile court and 22 people in 17 drug cases sent to jail and the police of Srinagar Police sent 68 people to jail.

 Among them Warrant sent 30 prisoners in Tamil, sentenced to 13 years in jail with the help of a mobile court, and sentenced to 25 in 15 cases.

Meanwhile, the drug traffickers and savannas who fled the area due to the jail operation fled the area. Many people are preparing to go to jail for fear of being killed in a gunfight.

 Many parents are going to the law enforcing agencies for their intentional imprisonment of the drug addicts. Many people have left Munshiganj and are choosing to live in disguise in different cities.


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