This researcher of voluntary snake venom played 200!

This researcher of voluntary snake venom played 200!

One person is taking a body of his poisonous snake bite after one! But why is he doing such a dangerous hurdle? Is he going to build a new world record? No, it's not.
 Tim Friedi, an amateur scientist who does not do such work to show the sheer bravery. Recently, such an audacious video has become viral in the net world.

Wisconsin's resident team in the US is very great. His statement: He is doing such work for the medical research of the most venomous snakes in the world.

The video of the 39-year-old team has been viral but not new. The video, titled 'Bests Badge', is shared on May 23, but it is about two and a half years old. According to the video, the team consumed snake bites of about 160 times a voluntary body.

Recently, according to the report published in the international media 'Mirror', the number has increased from 160 to 200. In the deep study of this last two decades, the Matte team has done this.

It is not the end here, for the treatment of the venomous snake, he has to give other damages to 'poison' in his body. She has also been divorced with wife Beth.

 Wife's statement - Tim never gave priority to his wife and children. So he left the team.

The team did not change even after this. The goal of the team in its own study is the same. All the poisonous snakes can be saved from the power of the world.


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