If a relative is the finger of women is cut!

If a relative is the finger of women is cut!
The 'Dani' tribe of Indonesia is the world's most prevalent primitive tribe. They do not have any involvement with public life. There are some strange practices in this tribe that are in circulation.

When a relative dies, women of this vulnerable tribe are cut off from their hands. Men wear strange clothes. The name of the special dress of men is Kotka.

In the remote areas of western New Guinea, this Dani tribe lives in the region. American philanthropist Richard Archbold finds this tribe during his campaign in 1938.

People of this tribe participate in a weird festival yearly. They fought a pseudo-war with other tribes of the region.

 The name of the Baliem Valley Festival The people of Dani, Ely and Lani tribes themselves decorate themselves at the time of war.


৭ ই মার্চ কথাটি শুনলেই মনের ভিতর জেগে উঠে একটি স্পন্দন। একটি বাজনা, একটি হুঙ্কার ও মুক্তির দমামা।মনে পড়ে যায় অসংখ্য প্রিয়জন হারানোর বেদনা ।

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