Robot found 17 billion dollars of hidden treasure!

Robot found 17 billion dollars of hidden treasure!
On June 8, 1708, A ship named San Jose drowned in the Caribbean Sea, including 600 sailors.

 A robot has discovered a treasure worth approximately $ 17 billion from the ship sinking recently.

As a result, a robot recovered 310-year-old treasure from the deep seafloor. The value of Bangladeshi currencies is about Tk 1.44 billion.

The Robot recovered this huge amount from a Spaniard ship, deep in the Caribbean Sea.

The name of this robot, named Ramus 6000, is to work underwater. The high-tech sensor and cameras installed on the robot can dive to four miles.

It is known that Spanish warships San Jose drowned in the sea after the fierce firing with British warships in the late 16th century.

Gold, silver and piano of the billions of crores of rupees lying on the ship were lost in the sea. The ship was discovered again in November 2015. It is possible to recover the lost treasure with the help of a robot.

The ruins of the ship were at 2000 feet deep in the Caribbean Sea. Before this robot, the ship and plane's debris were recovered from the bottom of the ocean floor.


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