Some dangerous borders in the world!

Some dangerous borders in the world!
There are some countries and territories in the world where the two countries are going to visit neighbouring countries in the hope of war or a better life on the border.

 Because of this, some of the borders in the world are known to be hazardous. All these borders continue to be tense! The guard at the border is ever alert!

To keep an eye on the enemy, none of them spits into their eyes. Let's know about some dangerous border-

1. US-Mexico border:
Many people from Mexico try to travel to the United States every year in hopes of a better life. And many people die while doing so.

 The international immigration organization IOM's 2014 report says that in the last 14 years, more than 6,000 people were killed in the southern border of the United States.

2. Mediterranean:
To avoid war and conflict, refugees enter Europe from different countries of the Middle East and Africa. A large part of them tried to enter Europe by sea on the risk of life.

 Many people die in it. German magazine 'Dare Spiegel' in October last year, in a report, called the Mediterranean as the most deadly frontier in the world. There were 3,770 dead in the Mediterranean in 2015.

3. Afghanistan-Pakistan border:
Afghanistan has not yet accepted the border known as the 'Durand Line', nearly 1.500 miles long.

 Afghanistan claims that the Pashtun-dominated areas of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province are themselves, Afghanistan

Shotwrecks often occur between the two countries' military forces around this border.

4. North Korea-South Korea:
It is called the most decorated border of the world, the most decorated border. After the war in Korea in 1953, soldiers were removed from two sides of this border about 150 miles long.

Since then, the soldiers of the two countries are on two sides of this border about two and a half miles wide.


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