30 years later the city came from the bottom of the pain!

30 years later the city came from the bottom of the pain!
The incident happened in Argentina. A city was raised from the bottom of the pain. After almost 30 years, the old memories of the city rose with the arrival of the city.
 People remember the memory of the day spent in childhood. Some people tried to find their own houses.

The city of Edison, located south-west of the country, was located on a small lake. Where around one and a half thousand people lived.
Many tourists used to spend the holiday in that town. Lake's water was no more salt than seawater.

The lake was the most popular in the city. The famous story about this lake is that Lake was built with tears of a prominent person.

 The Jewish community also came to this city only for this lake. In addition to the house in the city, there was also a lot of lodges, hotels and guesthouses.

30 years ago, after the heavy rains, the episode went to the bottom of the water. Many people fled from the city. Within a few days, 33 feet of water went down the city. Although it is not built again in the city, it is no doubt that it will definitely become a spectacular place.


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