Inder Kumar's viral suicide video!

Inder Kumar's viral suicide video!
India's popular actor Inder Kumar died in the heart of the heart only in 44 years in July. But this actress has been a viral video of suicide.

 Where he is seen, he is talking about suicide during alcoholism. He also said in this video that his bad habit has ended his life. He made many mistakes in life, in the profession, and in personal life. At the end of the video, he cried and apologized to his parents.

But the video clip started to be viral and many started thinking that it was just before he died. Confessions of this video actor.

However, this video is one of his films, which he had shot for his film long before. It is known that the actor's wife Pallavi plans to spend the fumes surrounding her husband's death.

In 1996, with the help of Ayesha Zulkar, Masum took a picture of her hand in Bollywood and Indore Kumar. She starred in such films as 'Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi', 'Kahinhi Piyar Na Ho Jaaye', 'Wanted'. In 2014, a complaint of rape was raised in his name.

But after Indra Kumar said that the relationship was developed with no consent, not rape, the actor said. Inder was released on bail after spending 45 days in jail. And since this incident, it is known that he was keeping distance from everyone.


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