Way to strengthen the WiFi network!

Way to strengthen the WiFi network!
In addition to the broadband internet for an online stay, many people use different mobile devices. One of them is WiFi.

This device is now more popular. However, it is not possible to use it for a variety of reasons. Below are a few ways to strengthen the WiFi network:

Router upgrade: Many older router providers the internet slower. And the fast router needed to overcome these limitations. Take a look at the speed of your router in this case. It may be necessary to change the router if this is less speed than your Internet line.

Router's location: Try to keep the router without any obstacles in the closest of digital devices. If there are many heavy pieces of furniture in the house, put a router on them instead of behind them.

 This allows you to connect the router with your device in a rigidly. Besides, it is reasonable to place it in the middle of the house without leaving it at one end of the house.

Change Channel: Know whether the frequency of your router is being conformed to other frequency frequencies. If your router uses 2.4 GHz frequency then it is likely to be confronted with a cordless phone, microwave, Bluetooth, CCTV etc. It is best to use 5 GHz or a different frequency.


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