Know how many satellites in the country!

Know how many satellites in the country!
The launch of the Bangabandhu satellite launch has been successfully completed. Bangladesh has taken steps to launch a satellite as the 57th country in the world.

 Bangladesh Bangabandhu Satellite-1 project of Bangladesh has been implemented with the cost of Taka 3 billion.

But currently, there are more than two hundred satellites in orbit. It is known that in 1957, the first Soviet Union in the space of sending a satellite named Sputnik-1.

 After that, many countries followed them and sent satellites into space.

According to website data, the combined satellite number of 1504 countries of former Soviet Russia, Russia, 1616, China, 298, Japan 172, India 88, France 68, Britain 4, South Korea 24, Spain 23, 14 of Turkey, 13 of Saudi Arabia, 3 of Pakistan.

Besides, many satellites of different international organizations are currently in orbit.

It is to be noted that Saturn Bangabandhu-1 was launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, at 2:00 pm on Friday.
 It will take 8-11 days to go to orbit Satellites bypassing the 35,776 km route from Earth station. And ready to be fully prepared in 3 months.


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