Gazipur City elections next June 28!

Gazipur City elections next June 28!
The Supreme Court's Appeal Department has ordered the completion of the postponement of the Gazipur City Corporation elections on June 28.

Appeal bench of four judges led by Chief Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain passed the order on Thursday.

Gazipur city corporation elections will be held on May 15. But the High Court suspended the election on May 6 after the chairman of the union and Awami League leader ABM Azharul Islam Suruj filed a writ petition challenging the validity of the inclusion of six mouzas of Shimulia Union of Savar.

On May 8, the court of the chamber sent the appeal bench of the Appellate Division to the hearing of appeals filed by BNP and Awami League mayor candidates against the order given by the High Court.

Yesterday the appeal came to the Appellate Division of the lawyer of the EC Obaid Rahman Mustafa said that the Election Commission filed a leave-to-appeal file against the High Court order. After the hearing on both sides, the Appellate Division gave the verdict.