apital market decision to give dividend!

apital market decision to give dividend!
Last week, 25 companies listed in the capital market decided to give dividends. Besides, two companies have decided not to give dividends. The companies have decided on the dividend for the year ending December 30, 2017. This information was found in Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) sources.

DSE said the Board of Directors of the company has fixed the annual general meeting (AGM) date for declaration of dividend declared by the financial report of the year ending December 31, 2007, as well as the record date for the dividend yield and the approval of declared dividend shareholders.

Companies that decide not to give dividends are AB Bank and Bangladesh Industrial Finance. In this, AB Bank has decided not to give this first dividend in the last 17 years since 2002.

And Bangladesh Industrial Finance has decided not to award dividends for 4 consecutive years.

According to DSE data, 4 companies decided to give both cash and bonus shares (stock dividend) as dividends. Of these, City Bank has decided to give 19% cash and 5% stock, Pragati Insurance 13% cash and 5% stock, Agrani Insurance 5% cash and 5% stock, and Islamic insurance 5% cash and 5% stock.

Only 11 companies have decided to pay cash dividend. Among them, 790 percent of Reckitt Benquez, Beta 335 percent, Trust Bank 20 percent, Phoenix Insurance 16 percent, Asia Pacific General Insurance 15 percent, NCC Bank 13 percent, Dhaka Insurance 12 percent, Central Insurance 12 percent, Mercantile Insurance 10 percent, Percentage insurance 10 percent and Northern General Insurance is paying 10 percent cash dividend Dhanta said.

And 10 companies have decided to give only stock dividends. Among them, Rupali Bank 24 percent, Jamuna Bank 22 percent, South East Bank 15 percent, Dhaka Bank 12 percent, National Bank 12 percent, Purabi General Insurance 12 percent, International Leasing 12 percent, Social Islami Bank 10 percent, Standard Insurance 10 percent and Sonar Bangla Insurance decided to give 10 percent stock dividend.