What is the everyday makeup!

What is the everyday makeup!

Many women do not know the rules of use and makeup. We have assumed that makeup is bad. Cosmetic chemicals cause terrible damage to our skin. Close the romp.

So we do not favor everyday makeup. But many people probably do not know, this foundation makeup also benefits the skin.

Make-up artists and dermatologists of the country and abroad say that the foundation makeup protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This UV ray skin brings old age to old age.

So it can be said somehow, the foundation prevents the premature aging of the skin. Most of the cosmetics products now have SPF. Chemical is like titanium dioxide, which protects the skin from UV rays.

The real damage is only if the makeup does not fit properly from the skin and someone sleeps at night. The skin wants to breathe in the night. The Foundation cannot breathe properly if the Foundation lifts the romp.

Pigmentation occurs. Blacks and lilies rise. And as a result, old age has come to an end. So makeup before going to sleep at night.

There are many types of cleaner available on the market. You can also create natural ways in the home. For example, the mouth becomes clean when mixed with curd and honey and on the skin. There is also a mixture of eggs and honey, a mixture of curd and strawberry, a mixture of milk and honey, and the mixture of the multi soil and aspirin.

But there are some rules for the foundation. According to the skin, the right kind of foundation. Oiled or oily skin, to choose an oil-free liquid foundation.

For those who have dry or dry skin, the Moeschurchising Foundation is the best. To know the skin tone the foundation should be.

Makeup. Install Foundation. There is no harm. Make everyday makeup. There is no harm. The foundation must be left before going to bed only. You have to cook a good cream.


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