Chinese women's companions 'sex doll' because of any policy!

Chinese women's companions 'sex doll' because of any policy!

"Chinese policymakers have a 'sex drive' because of any policy," -

China introduced a child in the family in 1980. The Communist government of that time claimed that there was no other way to control the population explosion.

Long Hair Chinese Girl Lying

Because of the implementation of this policy, the population of China has been very much controlled, but journalist Mei Fong has discovered how big a great truth was hidden behind Chinese sex.
The 44-year-old journalist Mei Fong claimed the growing population is China's biggest problem in India.

India has been working with a very specific plan to control the population. But what is happening in China is like a dictatorship. In India, there is fewer girls' population behind the child.

 Similar pictures in China. Even 'gender parity' is a big problem throughout the world. This problem is serious in Chinese sex. China's policy, in particular, is suppressing women in official ways.

No parent wants to be easily born to have a baby girl. 100 girls per 100 boys in China, 130

In China's declared policy in 1980, a child in the family was told to get all the government benefits only.

For example, the education provided by the government, the service that the government gives, will be applicable to only one child. As a result, the Chinese family had more than one child at that time.

Even in this family, if the eldest daughter is removed, then the name of the boy was taken in a government account. Today, there are millions of women in China who do not have a government account. They did not have the opportunity to study.

They do not have any type of services available from the government. These girls have been secretly in the corner of the house, secretly in the corner of the house. Most of them can never get married. Because it is not difficult to cover these illegal women citizens, if convicted by the state, the punishment is due. Since 1990, a large number of girls have been killed in China.

Mary Phong has also described a tragedy with this extreme truth. He said that these women have grown up, their youth came in the way of life.

However, to meet sexual pleasure, most of these illegal women citizens of China do not get mating. So, these women have grown in China today, due to this 'business of'. Most of these women are now quitting their sexual thirsts with 'Sex Dol'.

Even this sex-lover has reached home in China's house today. One study also found that China's "Sex Dold" is the highest selling market in China.

It is said that 30 percent of the total 'sex doll' sold in the world or sold in China According to Mei Fong, the demand for 'Sex Dwell' in India, however, is that the problem of women in the country is in no way related to the government-made policy.

However, India has adopted many policies to prevent the mass blast like China. But in any way, women did not get hurt like women in China for the policies made there.

Mei Fong's daring report has come up in his book, 'One Child: The Past and Future of China's Most Random Experiment' Now, at the various corners of the world, Mei Fong has highlighted this cruel story of Chinese women.


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