To remove acne, nutmeg!

To remove acne, nutmeg!
Known as nutmeg aromatic spices. There is no pairing to increase the taste and aroma of food and soften the meat. Those who do not cook are definitely familiar with its name. Not only cooking, nutmeg has some unique qualities. One such quality is its use to remove acne.

Nutmeg is known in English as Natmega, whose scientific name is Mirestica Fragrance. The nutmeg contains an element called 'miss', which is resistant to fungus and bacteria. The main cause of acne is the attack of bacteria and fungus on the face skin.

How to Use: First, take a little juice of nutmeg, honey, and milk in a bowl. Now mix them in such a way that it is like paste. Apply such a paste to the acne-affected areas before sleeping at night. Wash the face lightly in the morning the next morning. In this way, you will find the results yourself using it every day.


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