Primary Teacher Recruitment Examination from March 15

The primary and mass education ministry has decided to start writing a written test for the recruitment of Assistant Teacher in Government Primary School from March 15. The decision was taken at a meeting of the ministry's ministry on Tuesday.

Earlier, the ministry decided to start the test from February 1. However, due to the SSC examination, it was withdrawn in March. It has been learned from the ministry that radical changes have been made in the test system.

According to the meeting sources, the recruitment test will be taken in complete digitized form. Since the country has more than 24 lakh applicants in 12 thousand posts, this will be the first time the written test will be organized in a few steps.

But the results of all the districts will not be released together once. In addition to the sitting candidates who do not get the same set, the candidates will be set the question set in the digital system. The question set will be determined by the candidate's roll number.

DPE officials said that more than 20 sets of question papers will be prepared for the ministry to take the test properly.

Examinations will be done in both the written and oral two levels as before. According to the previous rules, the written test of the MKQ system will be 80 and the number will be 20.

Candidates can download the admit cards from website. Apart from this, other information related to the examination will be available at the website (


৭ ই মার্চ কথাটি শুনলেই মনের ভিতর জেগে উঠে একটি স্পন্দন। একটি বাজনা, একটি হুঙ্কার ও মুক্তির দমামা।মনে পড়ে যায় অসংখ্য প্রিয়জন হারানোর বেদনা ।

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