Two suspects arrested Nusrat-Faria murder

Police arrested two persons accused in the murder of child Nusrat Jahan (4) and Faria Akhtar Dolar (5) in the city's Demra and Jatrabari area on Tuesday night.

The arrestees are the main accused Ghulam Mustafa and his cousin Azizul. Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police of Demra Zone (AC) Iftekharul Islam confirmed the matter.

It will be informed at a press conference at 11 pm at DMP Media Center.

On Monday (January 7th), Nusrat Jahan (4) and Faria Akhtar Dola (5) body of Nasima Villa of Demra was found in the house of Mostafa.

For her birthday yesterday, all she needed was a teddy bear from her folks. Billal Hossain, her uncle, would get her one as an astonishment.

In any case, the day which should turn into an appreciated memory for the family all of a sudden took an appalling turn.

Billal was discovered howling close to the passage of their leased home in Demra's Konapara territory around 1:00 pm.

Their neighbours thronged the expanding on the capital's Samiul Ahsan Road endeavouring to concoct relieving words, however futile. A considerable lot of them couldn't keep down their very own tears.

The family lost their five-year-old girl Faria Akter Dola on Monday night. She alongside her companion Nusrat Jahan, likewise 5, was discovered killed inside the place of one of their neighbours, Golam Mostafa, a 28-year-old piece of clothing labourer.


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